Using mobile advertising, advertisers have the flexibility and ability to segment and reach out to intended groups based on location, interest, language, time, etc. This will also help determine the overall relevance of an ad for each individual user

Reduced Cost:

Since it is a single IVR solution, it reduces the cost as the resources are now centralized. The reduction in the cost is not only for the CAPEX but also for OPEX.

Optimal Capacity Utilization:

Consolidating media resources allows sharing of port resources along with the ASR and TTS engines, thus optimizing the capacity.

Less Time to Market for Applications:

Centralized standard based (VXML) platform enable speedy porting, development and deployment of applications.

Future Proof Investment:

Netxcell platform offers a smooth transition into NGN and 3G deployments as opposed to starting from a 3G/NGN deployment and then retrofitting 2G CKT voice into a futuristic platform.

Business Intelligence for better conversion and uptake:

Netxcell Platform comes bundled with business intelligence engines that capture the consumer usage behaviour and utilize the information for better service discovery and delivery resulting in driving the conversions and uptakes higher. Caching and convergence across systems for greater channel optimization and continuity across multiple sessions and technologies

Built-In MIS:

Web and CSV based reports available with a varying level of customization.

Built-In Subscription Billing Engines:

Allows differential charging scenarios using standard diameter based protocols. Allows GUI based creation tools for subscriber pack creations and deliveries. Like the time of day, Day of a week, lean network time, promotions, park, try and buy etc can be easily made available to all the applications hosted.