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Project Managements Office setup

At GYR, we provide the capability and experience to help you evaluate your PMO objectives, structures, methods, tools, metrics and functions. Whether you intend to deploy a new PMO, change an existing PMO or re-engineer the PMO structure, we have the SMEs to provide skills and expertise to help achieve your organisational objectives.

Why PMO?
Time and again surveys and research outcomes around the world have presented the statistics on the project health and trends have shown a dismal picture of project success rates. It is revealed that lack of repeatability, inconsistency, industry nonstandard processes across departments and organisations including resources availability are the primary root causes for such failures. Projects often report inconsistent deployment of project management methodologies that cost those delays and huge overruns. There are issues of low team performance, loss of executive support, poor performance on time and budget and below expectation results. This significantly impacts customer satisfaction and give the strategic advantage over to their competitors. There are ample stories of project failures due to duplicated effort, misaligned work and an unhealthy working environment. Also there is lack of visibility and immature project prioritization and approval processes in place. On the other hand, there are unrelenting demands of faster turn-around times for products and services.
Organisations want to achieve high project success rates, improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and speed project delivery in terms of time and budget and increasing looking towards building their own project management offices (PMOs).

PMO as a catalyst to drive performance excellence
PMOs are the catalyst to transform organisational objectives into performance. Organisations that establish a well-managed Project Management Office to determine, enforce and sustain the methodologies create repeatable processes for improved project success rates and standard practices. GYR helps define PMO as a strategic driver at the corporate level for organisational excellence to set project standards across the enterprise and to deploy techniques to collaborate and communicate with multiple stakeholders. Enable better resource management, reduce project failures and support projects that offer the biggest payback. GYR’s processes are scalable at different level of the organisation (Enterprise, Portfolio, Program or Project) and at any level of PMO maturity. The emphasis is to provide an organisational focus on improving the management of portfolios, programs and projects. We deploy a modular and collaborative system that empowers teams, accelerates execution and manages conflict between ongoing projects and PMO implementation. PMO is the facilitator to align project teams and their projects with company’s vision. It provides full lifecycle Program Management Office support to IT and programs, enabling our customers to deliver projects with capabilities in time and on budget. GYR specialises in PMO services based on industry standards and best practices in Portfolio, Program and Project Management within PRINCE2 / PMBOK framework and methodologies. Our PMO project teams deliver the capability required for programs of varying size and complexity.

  • PMO implementation and operation
  • PMO enhancement & re-engineering
  • Outsourced PMO services
  • PMO assessments
  • Risk management
  • Project planning & Schedule management
  • Performance management                  
  • Quality management                  
  • Human resource management
  • Program and project management training                  

Communication & stakeholder management               

Implementation Roadmap - Our Approach
GYR’s deployment team implements a PMO, as a centre of excellence or redefine the operation and capability of an existing PMO. Our implementation roadmap includes:

  • Identifying PMO functions and responsibilities           
  • Preparing PMO implementation Plans                  
  • Determining system specifications and characteristics
  • Setting governance standards and processes                  
  • Technology and infrastructure deployment                  
  • Supporting and managing change
  • Coaching & mentoring                  
  • Conducting performance assessments & reviews                  
  • Building knowledge repositories and documentation

We follow the structured approach to deploy, re-create and operate the PMO(s):

Outsource PMO
We can handhold your PMO needs with a complete 24/7 support. We can provide the range of PMO outsourcing services with varying levels of responsibility and accountability. We can provide assistance in Support operations like reporting, information processing to facilitating the PMO implementation and operations enforcing the project management methodologies and be accountable for project success. We can help assist your PMO with problem solving, audits and health checks to defining the implementation and operational procedures for your project management department. As an outsourced PMO, you can be rest assured of the services we deliver in terms of defined SLA and services standards. Our outsourcing service model helps to control, assist, facilitate and support the PMO activities.

A well-managed PMO is an effective tool to ensure program success. It enables improved visibility and insight into program and project performance and helps executives to effectively control results. GYR’s methodologies reduce the change impact of implementation on existing practices. Our approach to PMO implementation and support execution helps to keep project deliverables on time within budgets. Some of the key benefits are:

1. The programs are effectively transformed into a clearly defined and structured series of projects, keeps the team and project manager’s morale high that results in enhanced project performance and customer satisfaction.
2. Significant project controls in managing risks and issues during the project execution.
3. Systematic control and performance management of activities at all levels leading to better and informed management decisions.
4. Increased awareness within projects and organisations about the benefits and principles of
5. PMO enables a well-defined baseline plan that gives confidence that program goals are realistic and achievable with time, quality and budget constraints.
6. Program leadership have access to a clear and consistent reporting across each project / program and portfolio of work, supported by reliable data.
7. Effective change control process in place that ensures that decisions are based on clear understanding of deviations and impacts.
8. Consistent program data to understand performance issues and strengths to help focus efforts on improving Capability development.
9. PMO is the source of documentation, standard procedures, tools, methods and metrics on the practice of project management and execution. This helps conduct projects and train their managers.


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