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Business Intelligence Solutions

GYR’s business intelligence (BI) solutions are designed to allow companies to easily turn the volumes of data they collect and store into meaningful information – to best manage their operations.

The key information when readily made accessible, improves better and timely business decisions. GYR’s offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics and reporting solutions to allow individuals across an organization assess business performance, manage risk through information visibility and availability.

GYR’s suite of BI solutions features Technology and bespoke solutions comprising packages analytics, predictive modeling, dashboards, reporting, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), data mining and performance measurement technology to improve the analysis of business processes and customer information.

Our BI software applications are rich in functionality, and deliver a “single version of truth” that enhances collaboration by combining the sweet spots of information from all the cross functional departments in an organization.

Industry solutions:
1.    Banking
a.    Sales and profitability management
b.    Alignment to compliance requirements like SEPA & PSD, BASEL II & Red Flag Rule
c.    Customer Analytics and Insight
d.    Credit risk and exposure analysis
e.    Financial management and Reporting
f.    "Beyond Reporting" Services that include predictive analysis, planning, budgeting and Forecasting – Performance Management
g.    Operational risk and Efficiency
h.    Payments and Securities

2.    Financial Services
 .    Trade life cycle analysis
a.    Risk and Exposure analysis
b.    Investment portfolio management
c.    Compliance and Fraud Investigation
d.    IT infrastructure and Data Quality management
e.    "Operational risk and efficiency
f.    Collaborative Decision making solutions
g.    Payments and Securities

3.    Insurance
 .    Claims Overview
a.    Line of Business Analysis
b.    Underwriting (Policy Type) Analysis
c.    Current Year / Prior Year Analysis
d.    Claims Exceeding Premiums by Line Of Business
e.    Regional Analysis
f.    Loss/Expense Ratio Analysis
g.    Earned/Written Premiums
h.    Extended/Personalized BI support on mobile and touch devices

4.    Health Care
 .    Datawarehouse Development and Implementation
a.    OLAP Aggregation Strategy and Tools
b.    Performance Fine-tuning
c.    Data mart Design and Dimensional modeling
d.    Custom ETL Implementation
e.    Statistical Modeling and Dashboards

5.    Life Sciences
 .    Customer Targeting
a.    Sales & Profitability Management
b.    Supply Chain Analysis, Inventory Optimization & Management
c.    Clinical Trial Analysis & Reporting
d.    Manufacturing Analysis & Reporting
e.    Legal Response & Compliance Management
f.    Financial Analysis for Reporting
g.    IT Management
h.    Executive Dashboards
i.    Order Fulfillment
Technical Solutions:
1.    ETL and Cleansing
a.    SAS
b.    IBM-Datastage
c.    Oracle-OWB/ODI
d.    Business objects
e.    Informatica
f.    Microsoft
2.    Database and appliances
 .    IBM
a.    Oracle database
b.    Microsoft SQL server
c.    MySQL
3.    Master data management
4.    Reporting
 .    Microstrategy
a.    Qlikview
b.    Pentaho
c.    Jaspersoft
d.    Business objects X1
e.    Crystal reports
f.    Cognos
g.    Hyperion
h.    Power point
5.    Advanced analytics
6.    Modeling and analytics

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