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Application Development

Not to be confused with customised software, bespoke software is designed to meet your exact requirements. A customised application is based on core modules that are bolted together and modified to suit your needs.

  • Acumen only produces bespoke applications
  • Because the software works the way that you do your users will require less training
  • Bespoke software development is not necessarily expensive
  • The software will actually belong to you - there will be no licenses to pay for
  • Acumen will be give you the source code (not all developers will offer this)
  • The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will be transferred to you

What is Bespoke Software Development?

A bespoke application is one that is designed from scratch to meet your exact requirements. With the exception of any budgetary constraints there are no limits to what can be implemented during the development of your bespoke application. The system will work in the exact manner that you require which means that you won’t have to compromise or change the way that you do business.

With a bespoke system developed by Acumen you’ll get the source code and the intellectual property rights (IPR) to the project – not all developers will offer this so remember to check (and get the assurance in writing) before signing a contract.

Bespoke software development is not the same as a customised application which is based on pre-existing modules that are bolted together and modified to meet your needs. With a customised application you will never get the source code or IPR and you will be permanently bound to the supplier. Additionally because your version of the system is based on core modules you may find that changes that you would like implemented may be refused because of the effect that the change may have on said core modules.

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